’90s Ref Babe

’90s fashion is my thing. Actually, a lot of my style inspiration comes from my mom. My mom was a very stylish person in the ’90s. So stylish. There are countless photos of her in high waisted Levi’s, paired with a Ralph Lauren tank, and topped off with those iconic 90’s sunglasses. ’90s mom was so chic. I would see photos of her and automatically want to recreate her outfits. Plenty of the outfits I wear now are ’90s mom-esque.

Recently, ’90s style has become so popular. Affordable brands like Forever21, H&M, Old Navy, and Urban Outfitters have started to style their pieces completely ’90s chic.

I thrift a lot of my fashion essentials, to get a really authentic ’90s look, from my jeans to my knitted bodysuits. But there is one brand I go completely mad over. And that is Reformation. I have talked about this brand once before in a blog post, but I am going to talk about them again because I just love their stuff that much.

Manufactured in Los Angeles (yay), Reformation uses sustainable fabrics- and sustainable practices- to make every single one of their garments. Their impact on the environment is much smaller than brands like Forever21 or H&M. I like to buy thrifted fashion just as much as I like to buy new fashion, don’t get me wrong. I might even prefer to buy pre-loved items, new or old. But I love that Ref exists because it is so easy to incorporate their garments into my wardrobe, without it clashing with any of my vintage pieces!

Although their garments are a little on the expensive side, I really enjoy buying from them because it feels so good to know that something I own was made responsibly and fairly. My new Ref purchase came this week (Yes, I realize that I may have a Ref addiction, but we are just going to pretend I don’t).

I have had my eye on the Linnea dress for almost a month now. But every time I checked, my size was out of stock. I checked again about a week ago. I was in luck. I bought the Linnea dress right when I saw that my size was restocked. I would pair this dress with any type of shoe. With my vintage white leather mules from Naturalizer (pictured), a black chunky heel, or even my all-white Keds. Most of Reformation’s pieces can be dressed either up or down, and that is something I really look for in a piece. Reformation incorporates ’90s style into their garments. Their styles are new, but they give off that ’90s chic that I just love!




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