With love, from Santa Monica

Santa Monica is the place you go for a break from Los Angeles. If you get tired of the traffic, or get tired of the smog, or even get tired of the city. Santa Monica is the perfect little escape. It still technically counts as Los Angeles, but it has very few things in common with downtown LA. Like the good shopping and yummy restaurants.

I go to school about five miles from Santa Monica. Okay, so I know that does not seem far at all. But it honestly takes a solid 20 minutes to get there. You may be asking why. Well, because Los Angeles traffic is real. And it sucks. But 20 minutes is completely doable, in my opinion.

Over the weeks, I have been to Santa Monica a few times. Meaning, I have taken a lot of photos. A lot. 

You can probably tell that I love palm trees. If you follow me on Instagram, it is obvious just how much I love palm trees. And Santa Monica has the prettiest palm trees. Actually, Beverly Hills might have the best palm trees. But Santa Monica is a very close second.

The 3rd St. Promenade is where all the shopping is in Santa Monica. Well, almost all of it. You have the Promenade, where brands like Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and Madewell are in a constant state of busy. Then one block up, you have downtown Santa Monica. I prefer this area. That sounds pretentious. I’m sorry. I prefer downtown Santa Monica only because it reminds me of San Francisco. The way the buildings look and how the storefronts switch from chic boutiques to foodie spots… It just really reminds me of home. Also there is Buffalo Exchange and Wasteland, which are two of my favorite thrifting spots.

One block down from the 3rd St. Promenade is the beach. The infamous Santa Monica Pier. I was recently walking around the boardwalk with my boyfriend’s family, and got a snap of the California Coast.

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

Santa Monica Beach (from the Pier)

I have never felt so lucky to live in Los Angeles than I do when looking at this photo. From the palisades off in the distance, to the warm sunny beach with that pretty water (by the way, it gets way prettier as you travel down towards Malibu. That water is beautiful). There are so many different parts of Los Angeles. You have the city, the beach, the suburbs, and the little downtowns in each area of town. It is so unique and special. It may be a giant hassle to go from place to place sometimes (most of the time), but I think that just adds to LA’s charm.




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