Why I Started YouTube…

I binge watch YouTubers like Arden Rose,  TrueBeutie and Joellen Lu way too often than I should. But watching each of their videos really made me inspired to start making my own videos. I have always had a passion for filmography/photography and video editing, and a YouTube is the perfect chance to film and edit while also being able to talk about products, clothes and my life in general.

I have been talking about starting my own YouTube, and I have bounced this idea off of some of my closest friends for a really long time.. .probably annoying each of them a lot. But I finally decided to do it, with the help of my mom (a new camera was one of my birthday presents).

It was my 20th birthday almost a week ago, and I filmed a quick “Get Ready With Me” before my little birthday dinner my family surprised me with. I posted it two days ago and I have almost 200 views on it, which I did not expect at all. I was thinking more like 50 views for the whole week. So, it is safe to say I’m pretty excited.

It will be time consuming to film because I do have schoolwork, my job at the newspaper and I do write for my blog and MyTrendingStories, but I think it will be both rewarding and exciting to see where this will take me. I am hoping to get out a new video biweekly, if not weekly (we’ll see!)

Click here to go check out my video! No pressure though.


grwm: 20th birthday (now on Youtube!)





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