Self-Exploration Through Aesthetics

Self-exploration is a constant process. Keeping up with blogging on Tumblr has made me discover very intricate parts of my personality. I have been an avid Tumblr blogger since high school. I spent a lot of time on my blog and gained around 10,000 followers. But one day I realized that I just did not like the look of my blog, so I made a new one with a completely different look- one that was better suited to me. I have not logged into my old blog for almost a year now and to be honest, I don’t really remember what my aesthetic even was. It even bothers me to even think about my old blog because it just never matched up with my personality or style. I began my new blog as soon as I stopped updating my old one and it has evolved with me as I further explore my style and taste.

I go on Tumblr at least once a day. I usually take a break from homework and just scroll through Tumblr, looking for the next photo to reblog. I put on good music and attempt to make my blog as visually appealing as possible. Above are some of the photos that I have reblogged in the past. Tumblr, for me, is a constant visual mood board. It helps me gather inspiration, while also distressing me (and distracting me).

Updating my Tumblr blog has given me a lot of inspiration in otherwise uninspired times. It has helped me discover new art, fashion and music. I have only 497 followers on my new Tumblr blog, but honestly the follower count doesn’t matter. I really enjoy updating my blog’s look. My goal is to make the photos begin to complement one another. If you know me, you know I have a love for cohesive content (just look at my Instagram and you can see my obsession with cohesion). And my Tumblr is no different: it is truly my aesthetic.




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