The Power of Pink

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Is this girl really talking about this brand again? And yeah, I’m coming at you with another Glossier post. I am talking about them again.

The first thing that caught my eye was Glossier’s pink packaging, let’s be honest. But what made me fall in love with the brand was how they combine skincare and makeup. Each product is so versatile and easy to use, so there’s something for everyone (and it looks good on the shelf, too!) Each product is gentle and good for your skin.


Generation G in Like and Leo.

My favorite product (it is really hard to pick just one) are the Generation G matte lippies. These matte lipsticks are super nourishing and are more of a balm than a lipstick. They go on gently and create a sheer color that resembles a popsicle stain. ‘Like’ and ‘Cake’ are my go-to natural everyday colors.

My second favorite product is the Boy Brow. The Boy Brow actually introduced me to Glossier about two years ago when I bought the product for me and my sister. I have been hooked ever since. Today, Glossier announced that the Boy Brow is now available in Clear. So, in addition to Blonde, Brown, and Black, the Boy Brow now comes in Clear! This is exciting news considering I have always debated between whether brown or black fits my natural brow color better. I end up buying both because a girl can never have too many options.

I was recently contacted by Kelly Mittendorf to become part of the Glossier Rep Program. Of course I said yes. I was waiting for the perfect moment to announce this on my blog, and with the launch of the new Boy Brow option, the moment is here. I have linked my Rep page on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, but in case you don’t follow me on those I have linked it here too.

Peek at my YouTube to see how I use the Boy Brow and other Glossier products! In the meantime, check out my Rep page to shop my favorite products, and get 20% off your first order and free shipping on any order over $30!




Glossier Gal

The first time I bought a product from Glossier was about two years ago. I was growing out my naturally bushy brows and I came across the Boy Brow. I wanted a product that kept my big brows in place, but also help them look natural. The Boy Brow did just that. From then on, I was hooked on Glossier. I am the proud owner of almost every Glossier product there is. From the Boy Brow to the Skin Tint to their terry cloth headband, I am addicted.

As I do struggle with acne prone skin and constant break outs, Glossier’s products help my skin, especially the Perfecting Skin Tint (which also improves my constant hyper pigmentation). Glossier is 100% cruelty free. And if that is not enough to sell you on the brand, their products are also great for your skin. They put “skin first,” which really aligns with my own view of beauty. I love Glossier because it really celebrates self-love. The brand’s mission is to help their customers see that their own beauty is the most beautiful thing there is. Their products have really transformed how I see beauty products, and even my own beauty.

Each order comes in a cute Glossier Pink pouch, which would not be complete without their cute little stickers. If you babes want to test some Glossier products, here’s a link that will get you 20% off your first order (at checkout): http://bff.glossier.com/ekJPl